27 Jan


Separation of Church and the state that allows the freedom of tought, not privilegizing one religion over the other. Or infringement on individual right to religious expression?

The French state  secularism has a long tradition: the word laïcité has been used from the end of the XIX century to mark the separation of public institutions from the influence of the Catholic Curch.  Today, the context covers also other religious movements.

A core concept of the French constitution, laïcité is still widely debated and contested.  Hence, one of the major themes of French presidential elections.

What are the issues related to the secularism and how the candidates will deal with them? How are the religious institutions seeing the candidats? Did multiculturalism fail in France and could secularism fail too?

This blog aims to discover and analyze the secularism aspect of the 2012 French presidential elections. At the same time, it is  a laboratory for  an interactive multimedia approach. So I’ll keep playing with web tools and you keep following!


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