Sunday song, funny side of election

14 Apr

“They tell me that Francois has his fly open, (ooooh!!!)
That if Nicolas loses he will retire (noooo!!!),

Blabla Halal you are  blablabla Halal.”

Who dares to mock with Nicolas Sarkozy,  the fly of Hollande and a highly sensitive topic, halal  ?

On You Tube, on the channel nakoneczny3, an energetic duo posts, every Sunday, a new song. And this is not a band funded by National or Left Front to make fun of the presidential favorites.

Their name is  Sunday song  (La chanson du dimanche).  Founded in 2007, in the manner of  French chansonniers the pair puts together many different musical styles to sing about various topics:  from love, GMO (GMO man, you make the water that isn’t wet, you make women that don’t die…) to purchasing power (If  I  had  a high purchasing power … I would buy a flat screen/ My life would be so much easier) and, of course, politics.
In their recent tune, Blabla Halal, the duo sings about the heated debate over Halal meat as an example of the insignificant issues that are taking over the presidential campaign.

Even though Clément Marchand (guitar & vocals) and Alexandre Castagnetti (keyboard & vocals), didn’t want to focus on politics from the beginning, the 2007 presidential campaign gave them enough  song  material. Back then, they sang about Nicolas Sarkozy and Rachida Dati  (Hold me tight, Nicolas,Rachida/Hold me in your arms, Nicolas,Rachida/I need you Nicolas, Rachida/You’re there for me, Nicolas, that’s love) and about voting options  (If you vote for a fascist, you vote Sarkozy/ You vote trivial, you vote Royal/ You vote for the hatred, you vote le Pen, you vote for  the wimp, you vote Bayrou)

Initially a mere funny experiment, Sunday song became quite popular in France through the video-sharing and social networks web sites-now they are on Facebook, My Space , Twitter and Sound Cloud– and their analyze the current French presidential elections.

With humor, sometimes bitter,  always ironic, they tackle social themes in „Money people (“Peuple de l’argent), talking about the „exile of the rich, fleeing France, scared by tax threats from presidential candidates,  or in “Quinquennial”  joking about the five-year presidential term of the candidate-president Nicolas Sarkozy, represented in the song as a….student.

„You didn’t do your homework, Nicolas?/ -I didn’t have time, we have too much homework!/-You have to work more, mate.” 

Even though they don’t explicitly support any of the candidates, it is quite easy to guess that they won’t attack Left front in their songs. Last month they performed as part of a gig at a Paris rally for far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Moreover, in the middle of two election turns, Sunday song  play a live show on the 3rd May in Bataclan. Tickets are sold for 19 euros for the registered voters, for those who can’t vote-minors or strangers- and for all the Jean-Lucs.

It must be comforting for Jean-Luc Mélenchon to know that, even if he doesn’t get to the second election turn, he gets a free entry to the concert.

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  1. Clea Mounette April 21, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    the great illusion of the French presidential elections

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