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They won’t vote. It’s the end of the world anyway.

23 Mar

While French presidential campaign is heating and reheating, the small community of Bugarash stays protected from the presidential lobbying.  And more. If we all dissappear after the December 21st, they will be the ones laughing at this post.

The next French president will be the head of state for seven months only: according to an interpretation of ancient Mayan calendar, at some point towards the end of 2012, the world will come to an end. At least people from all around the world coming to Bugarash, a small village in the south of France, near the Pyrenees, believe that.

A garage for the UFOs, the peak of Bugarach, emanating the mystical energy, is allegedly the only one to be standing after the 21th of  December 2012.

Local population generally isn’t thrilled to see hundreds of tourists coming to their little town, chanting and performing sacred rituals. However, Miviludes, French Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combating Cultic Deviances, a French government agency is worried more about potentially dangerous doomsday sects that might benefit from the situation, extorting money from naive apocalyptic believers.

For the moment, the town is under Mivilude’s surveillance.

One of the tales on Bugarach circulating on the internet says that  the late President François Mitterrand was curiously heliported onto the peak of the mountain.

An idea for the future French president: moving the Elysée on top of the “sacred mountain“ of Bugarach.